Why Acuity?

I am sometimes asked why I chose the name “Acuity” Acupuncture.

Why Acuity?

Acuity by definition is “sharpness or keenness of thought, vision, or hearing.”

In Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis, we rely heavily on the sharpness of our senses to detect signs of particular patterns of disease. Combined with clinical knowledge and practice, we inform an effective approach to treatment.

Sharpness of the senses allows us to accurately assess the qualities of the tongue, the pulse, point palpation and needle manipulation.

Through paying close attention we sense what is occurring within the body, and how the treatment is being received. As we gather information throughout the treatment, we modify our approach to make it as effective and pleasant as possible.

While sometimes, getting stabbed is not so fun, it’s important that during retention of the needles that the patient is comfortable and relaxed. The finest of needles(.16mm) and shallowest stimulation sometimes produces the best results. In a state of relaxation qi is less restricted and the points we use, face less resistance in harmonizing the qi dynamics.

Patients are more likely to get better results,

and more likely to come back to receive treatments often enough to create lasting results.

This is one of many reasons why we do our best to make each treatment as relaxing and pleasant as possible. Curious if the treatment I offer is right for you? click here to book a free consult or here to book an initial appointment Thanks for reading! -Owen Parnell, R.Ac.

Why Acuity?
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