Some of the Treatment Modalities We Offer

Acupuncture @ Acuity Acupuncture


Our primary method for improving your health.  Acupuncture is the stimulation of acupoints by the insertion of sterile, single-use needles that are about as fine as a thick human hair. With a safe and controlled approach, we combine eastern & western understandings of the body, to stimulate a healing response.

Massage @ Acuity Acupuncture


We use a variety of massage techniques which have proven effective in clinic.  These include Tui Na, Structural Dynamic Therapy,  joint mobilization, relaxation  massage, back-walking and others.  During massage we often use medicated liniments and oils that further benefit the tissues by promoting circulation and alleviating pain.

Cupping @ Acuity Acupuncture


Static or Slide cupping is done by creating a vacuum between a cup and the skin.  This acts as a kind of massage, and is known to increase blood circulation to the area being worked on. Cupping can relieve muscle tension, improve overall blood flow and promote cellular repair.  It is quite popular among professional athletes. 

Guasha @ Acuity Acupuncture


When performing gua sha, the area being treated is oiled, then the gua sha tool, a section of smoothed buffalo horn or jade, is pulled over it with gentle pressure. Where tissues are compromised and the circulation is poor, this action creates superficial petechiae (bruising).  When the body directs white cells to resolve the bruising, pre-existing issues in those tissues are addressed simultaneously.

Acupuressure @ Acuity Acupuncture


The stimulation of acupoints with finger pressure, as opposed to needles.  We use this when acupoints are either inconvenient or uncomfortable to needle. We also use this exclusively when a patient is not comfortable with needles, but desires the benefits of an acupoint based therapy.

Qigong @ Acuity Acupuncture


translates roughly as ‘energy skill’ or ‘energy practice’. There are many different styles of qi gong but generally speaking, it is a practice intended to improve the practitioner’s health, longevity and ability to direct their qi. We have found particular qi gong exercises to be beneficial to certain health conditions, and prescribe them as appropriate.