Patient Testimonials

Sean W.

The first time I saw Owen, for back pain, his treatment helped a lot, and provided 2 weeks of no pain. Then the second time I saw him was for an enlarged lymph node, which I had been to emergency for twice. After one acupuncture session it was resolved.

Travis M.

I had some troubles from interrupted sleep, upset stomach and concentration. I felt much better after a session Owen, and even better after the second session. Owen explains things in an easy to understand way and also gave me some really helpful self-care advice.

Cierra D.

Owen took so much care in investigating my symptoms and recommending a helpful course of action. The cupping treatment was immediately helpful and the diet recommendations have already improved my digestion. Thank you so much Owen Parnell!

Mary D.

Owen is a very compassionate, patient and caring practitioner. He is very Covid aware and I felt safe attending appointments. Owen squeezed me into his schedule as quickly as possible because I was experiencing a great deal of pain. He also took the time to send me a photo of a self-treatment I could do to alleviate my pain until I could get to his clinic. During the initial appointment, he thoughtfully listened and assessed my issue. I experienced much relief following treatment. A day or two after my appointments, Owen checked in with me to see how I was doing – I really appreciated the follow-up. I am going away, so he offered to do a video session with me to show me some exercises I can do to continue to experience reduction in pain/tightness. Owen is a very thorough, thoughtful, patient and compassionate practitioner- how fortunate I am to have connected with such a trustworthy and kind caregiver.

Frankie P.

I first met Owen at Hemma and was really drawn to his energy. When he told me that he had his own private practice, I knew I had to try the other things he offered. He has done cupping for my back and shoulder. My shoulder was in a lot of pain that it was hard for me to throw a ball, as an athlete I needed that fix. Within a month it improved.

He has helped me with relieving my body pain, but also my emotional and mental stress levels, appetite, sleep patterns, bowel movements. He is a great guy to chat with and very good listener. As a bonus he will give my ear seeds to manage my stress level between appointments.

Before my chest surgery he went beyond than any practitioner that I know and recommended some Chinese medicine for me to take for healing.

Thanks Owen 😁

Aya W.

I would highly recommend Owen. Growing up in Japan and having lived in several places in the US and now living in BC, I have had various acupuncturists treat me in Japan, New York, LA, Boston and BC. I find Owen’s musculoskeletal treatment more effective than any others’ I have had in the entire North America or Japan (except for one amazing master I still go to in Tokyo when I visit Japan) in the past 30 years. I went to Owen’s treatment with severe constipation and sleep disturbance, in addition to chronic shoulder/neck/lower-back pain. He took the time to carefully examine me, did thorough acupuncture treatment followed by cupping and hands-on massage, and gave me enough time to recover and incorporate the effect of his treatment. I was fortunate to receive two treatments with a brief interval in between. The result? Great bowel movements and good night’s sleep! My back pain is gone and my shoulders/chest are more open and flexible than ever. In addition, people have commented that I “look different.” I, too, can see in the mirror that my eyes are more radiant and my skin smoother and shinier even immediately after the treatment. I’m appreciating how releasing tension in the shoulders/neck can improve circulation to the face thereby improving complexion so immediately! I am deeply appreciative of his amazing skills in addressing my deep-rooted issues (and more) so precisely. In addition to his solid and extensive knowledge in acupuncture, I find him to be highly intuitive. I’m sure that helps him being so effective.

Kate S.

Owen, you are actually a wizard! Today is the first day I feel better. Thank you for helping me reclaim my sleep, ease my pain, and achieve a general sense of wellness. You are such an essential part of my healthcare team. So grateful for you and your knowledge and skill!

Michelle B.

I have had many incredible sessions with Owen. He helped me heal from chronic migraines with his acupuncture treatment. He has a gentle and accurate touch and is very calm and understanding to talk to. I would recommend him to any one I know seeking an acupuncturist.

Daniel G.

Really appreciated Owen’s knowledge, skill, and attunement during sessions with him. Helped drop my nervous system state substantially, improved my sleep, and helped a lot with some stomach issues I’d be having. Would fully recommend Acuity. Great location as well:)

Chaim S.

Owen’s hands are gentle and deft, he is very knowledgeable, and in my experience has a high level of care and attunement during treatment!

Terry M.

The owner is kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend Acuity to anyone who is looking for a good acupuncturist.

Matt D.

Owen has a curious, gentle, and lively way about him. He is very talented and passionate. He is thoughtful, articulate, and listens well. I feel very comfortable in his care. The location is central… the studio is bright and I always leave feeling very relaxed and have already noticed changes in my body/mind over several sessions. I will definitely continue to see him.

Brett M.

So pleased to have met Owen, he has helped unbelievably in only a short time. With both musculoskeletal injury and subsequent pain.
(Western medicine had prescribed drugs to “experiment with”.)
I look forward to future sessions and conversations.
Thank-you again.