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For the patients and potential patients reading this, note that I do offer direct billing to the groups listed below. This means you need only pay what your insurance does not, and the insurer can pay me directly. If you have any questions about this, feel free to give me a call text or email, or book by clicking here This post is primarily intended for all the practitioners starting out and learning how to offer direct billing to their clients the hard way. This information was quite a challenge to gather. I’m glad you wont have to trudge through to find all of this. Please share it freely with others who could save some time

If you are going to use Jane, take a look at their guides, there’s plenty about processing direct billing through it. Hopefully you’d avoid some of the mistakes like offering billing to an insurer you cant bill to, or the insurer denies a claim after the patients treatment and you have to then call on your patient to square up.

You’ll have to register with a variety of insurer billing portals, including Medavie Blue Cross, Telus Health, Provider Connect, ICBC, Jane, Provider Net and Teleplan This will guide you which portal to use for which Insurer. Legend: M= Medavie, T= Telus Health SSO, (acupuncture treatment code: telus health 1.ZX.10.HA) PC= Providers Connect, I= ICBC, J = Jane PN = Provider Net, Also, Teleplan: T – Canada Life (Formerly Great West Life) M- Canadian Forces T- CINUP T- Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan T- Claim Secure T- Cowan T- Desjardins Insurance T- First Canadian T- The Great West Life Assurance Company (Now Canada Life) T- GroupHEALTH PC- Green Shield Canada T- GroupSource I- ICBC T Industrial Alliance Financial Group I- Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) Immigration and Refugees, 1888-614-1880 (haven’t figured this one out yet) T- Johnson Inc. T- Johnston Group T- Manion T- Manulife T- Maximum Benefit M- Medavie Bluecross J – MSP BC PN- Pacific Bluecross M- RCMP PC- SSQ T- Sun Life Financial M- Veterans Affairs W- Worksafe BC  (haven’t figured this one out yet) 1.855.284.5900 8am -8pm mon-fri

Note that you should get written consent from patients to bill their insurers, and get them to bring their insurance information with them to their appointments. I usually do the processing while they are on the table and get the info from them prior to their treatment. Billing Varies in complexity, Jane helps to keep things clear, and most of the portals are pretty straightforward though the registration process may be lengthily with mailing direct deposit notes, and such. If I can figure it out, you can too! I hope this helps, All the best in building your practice! -Owen Parnell R.Ac.

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